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Companion Mini Pro

Companion Mini Pro
Companion Mini Pro
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Companion Mini Pro

The Portable Option for your Healthcare Facility

Designed for use in professional healthcare environments, the Companion Mini Pro is used in conjunction with Alert-iT Advanced pagers (compatible with our P137, 8 or 64 channel pagers). A remote reset unit is supplied for installation in the vicinity of the user, ensuring that carers attend when seizures are detected.

The Sensor

Brilliantly simple to install and use, the Companion Mini’s sensor also makes it one of the smallest and most discreet epilepsy monitoring systems yet. There are no cables to connect and the device is ready in seconds, making it equally useful for use away from home. Highly durable, the casing is made from Biomaster coated plastic for hygiene, while the unit has a battery life of up to one year, keeping maintenance to a minimum.

Key Features

  • Cancel at source
  • One year battery life
  • Designed for professional healthcare facilities
  • Bed Monitor featuring wireless technology 
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