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SAMi Product Information

The neurologist recommended night-time
sleep activity and seizure monitor
About SAMi
When seizure-like (or other abnormal movement) is
detected the SAMi app triggers a loud alarm, begins
recording, and displays live video/audio so the caregiver
can quickly see and hear what's happening.
How it works
The SAMi System
Quickly determine if
action is needed in
the moment
Establish a
recorded history
of behavior
Share with Doctors
and watch for
changes over time
SAMi's feature set has been jointly
developed and tested with leading
SUDEP organizations, Neurologists,
Epileptologists, and Parent Groups!
Highly Customizable
Our default settings are optimal for alerting to tonic-clonic type motion,
but we provide full control over alarm and recording thresholds. Our
proprietary 'Sensitivity Boost' feature enables detection of non-rhythmic
motion types without false alarms.
Recording Mode
How much motion
SAMi should look for
How long motion should be present
before triggering an alarm
This setting causes a periodic beep
alert to sound if SAMi is not sensing
This is a specialized use of the border
region that automatically suppresses
the alarm if a caregiver comes into the
camera's view
Increases sensitivity and enables
monitoring of more complex, non
rhythmic, or irregular movement
The border defines the area that is the
central monitored area for the camera
Great for all
Nothing to wear
or charge
Complex or
Non-continuous or irregular
movement, gulping, muscles
stiffening, and spasms
Eye fluttering, face grimacing, lip
trembling, finger or toe wagging,
twitches, or ticks
Shaking, jerking, sleep walking,
or other rhythmic movements
Better rest for
Better insight for
You may get false alarms if:
The seizures last less than 15 seconds
The person being monitored is normally a
very active sleeper
What you need to know
SAMi can't detect seizures without movement
SAMi can't predict seizures
SAMi is generally not useful for day-time monitoring
SAMi can't alert you to changes in heart rate or other biomarkers
SAMi requires an Apple device to run the free SAMi monitoring app
SAMi Limitations
Our experience has been that people who buy Smart Baby Monitors
quickly realize the breathing and heart rate data is often times, wrong.
Similar to co-sleeping, hypervigilant parents typically are awakened
multiple times in the night by benign noises. SAMi uses proprietary
algorithms to filter out the usual motion and noise that would be
reported through a conventional monitor. Fine-tuning of the alarm
sensitivity will greatly reduce false alerts. Fewer false alarms equal
better sleep! SAMi also has an automatic recording capability not found
in baby monitors.
Comparing SAMi
Movement Monitors &
Movement monitors that detect physical shaking generally only
detect and alert in the case of rhythmic motion. They also do not
provide a live video and audio display for quick confirmation or make
recordings for later review.
With SAMi, there's nothing to wear either, so no need to worry about
something slipping off their wrist or running out of battery.
Smart Baby Monitors
Nothing to wear,
nothing to charge
Purpose built for
For all ages
Monitor Locally or
Breathing and heart rate data is often inaccurate
Parents are typically awakened throughout the night to benign noises
No automated recording of motion
Comparing SAMi
Movement Monitors & Wearables
Only alert to rhythmic motion
Do not provide a live video for quick confirmation
No recordings for later review
Wearables are not practical for some
Smart Baby Monitors
Nothing to wear,
nothing to charge
Purpose built for
For all ages
Monitor Locally or
Many SAMi users monitor remotely such as in a Group Home
or within a Medical Unit. SAMi users can also bring SAMi with
them wherever they go - SAMi does not require Wi-Fi or
internet to function. All you need is access to a power outlet
Other ways to use SAMi
Self Monitoring
Living alone presents additional challenges for those who
take medication for conditions that occur during sleep. A
SAMi system setup in your own bedroom provides you with
time-stamped recordings of your movements during the
night. The next morning you can easily review the events that
were recorded. You can configure SAMi to record with or
without the alarm feature. If the alarm is enabled, it sounds
until you silence it, which might be an important factor for
determining if any action is needed, such as taking rescue
medication or calling a loved one to help you.
Remote Monitoring & Travel
Local Wi-Fi
SAMi's secure
remote monitoring
supports up to four
people at once!
...Much like we have baby monitors
for when our children are very
small this is a useful device for
patients who are suffering from
epilepsy and the family members
that live with them.
Video from a nocturnal monitor
would be very helpful in a typical
clinic visit especially when the
diagnosis is uncertain or the
medication management needs
"...Video from a nocturnal
monitor would be very helpful
in a typical clinic visit"
Dr. Edward Maa
Director of Epilepsy Monitoring Unit, Swedish Medical Center
Executive Board Member, Epilepsy Foundation of CO
" far the best seizure
monitoring device we have used"
The E in SHINE stands for epilepsy...we tried
several different monitoring devices... none
of them worked as advertised. Either alarms
were going off when he wasn’t seizing or
these devices were missing seizures.
The SAMi is by far the best seizure
monitoring device we have used as a family.
Not only do we feel confident that we are
alerted to every seizure, but we also have
excellent-quality videos to send to our son’s
neurologist. The video recordings from SAMi
have been used to diagnose new seizure
types and make treatment changes without
having to do an inpatient EEG. aMost
importantly, we are confident that the SAMi
system has saved our son’s life multiple
times. We are thankful for this consistent,
reliable alerting system that allows us to
sleep peacefully knowing our son is safe.
Thank you, SAMi, for an excellent product
that gives epilepsy parents peace of mind.
Laura Palmer
President, SHINE Syndrome Foundation
SAMi Reviews
"We have been amazed at the SAMi's ability to
catch the nocturnal non-convulsive seizures that
other monitors would miss! The SAMi monitors for
our two sons with refractory Epilepsy has changed
our lives."
Diana in Alabama
June 2021
Katrina Darnall
Nurse Practitioner - BSN, RN
November 30th, 2022
"We have been SAMi users since 2018 and have come to depend on this
product for all of its capabilities. I am a registered nurse and I very carefully
researched my options for helping us keep our child safe. The SAMi
recordings allowed us to better understand our child's reactions to
medications and then to communicate this information directly to our
neurologist. He found the recordings extremely helpful in determining the
appropriate diagnosis and treatment plan. With ongoing communication
he was able to continue modifying the plan according to the documented
changes. The alarm function allowed us to get some much needed sleep,
compared to the days of using a baby monitor."
SAMi-3 Camera SAMi-3 Kit
Price £449.00 £1006.00
SAMi App Lifetime Access Lifetime Access
Includes iPad No Yes
Includes SAMi Router No Yes
Router Set-up 5 mins Zero
Portable Requires access to the
Wi-Fi router at your
Use the included
UK Distribution and support
*SAMi is not intended to diagnose, cure, mitigate, prevent, or treat any illness or condition. SAMi will detect movement of all
kinds, it is up to the user to determine the circumstances under which SAMi alerts or records*
Tel: 01438 821251