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How to Use Inspyre™️ by SmartMonitor


There are many different epilepsy monitoring solutions available on the market which can make it difficult to choose the right product for the different types of seizures that present themselves and some solutions are just not suitable for the different environments we all live in.

Epilepsy Solutions aim is to ensure that the correct equipment has been recommended to capture a seizure in as many environments as possible as well as making it discreet and easy for the user to wear and maintain. We will also provide all the support and training required so that family and Carers understand how the equipment works, make simple adjustments and maintain the equipment.

Home assessments, installation and training can be provided on request dependent on location, please contact us for further details. Let us assist you in making the right choice with Epilepsy support equipment by calling or emailing us your enquiry.

UK Telephone & Email Support available 9.00a.m – 5.00p.m Monday – Friday. Tel: 01438 821251


Inspyre works with an Apple Watch, Samsung watch and
Wear OS Compatible Watches.
The Inspyre app tracks movement and sends notifications
upon patterns of unusual motion.
About Inspyre By SmartMonitor
Samsung Watch
Works with Samsung watches and
Android phones
Compatible with the Samsung Galaxy
Watch, Samsung Galaxy Active 1 & 2,
and Samsung Galaxy Watch 3, 4, 5 & 6
Apple Watch
Works with Apple Watches and
Compatible with Apple Watch 3 and
Wear OS Compatible Watches
Google Pixel Watch
Mobvoi TicWatch
Michael Kors
and more
Inspyre by SmartMonitor Features
Look for
Set up
Important Tasks
How you
The Inspyre app comes with the ability to
adjust daytime and nighttime settings to
meet the user’s needs
Settings 
Exclusive Features
Inspyre captures data, such as the time, date,
location, duration, and severity of
movements. It also notes down heart rate and
any symptoms reported by the user. Data is
available for secure access and review at any
Valuable Data 
Exclusive Features
How to use Inspyre by Smart
Purchase you
Download the app
Sync to Apple,
Samsung or watch
The watch notifies upon
repetitive shaking movement
Notifications sent to
caregivers via text
and phone calls
If abnormal movement is detected or the help
button is pressed on the watch Inspyre
instantly alerts your loved ones with a text
message and call.
Immediately cancel requests.
Get instant alerts
How it works
Victor had a sleep alert
at 11.11pm. Victor has
HR below 35 and SpO2
below 90%
Peace of
mind with
Jane Smith’s iPhone
Abnormal Motion Start
Tues, Jan 8
, 1:24 PM
Panic/Help Button
Jane Smith’s iPhone
Tues, Jan 8th, 1:24 PM
Data Analysis and Reporting
Data collected during the event
is stored for later review, both
on the phone app and the user
Users, and their care team, can
program reminders into the Inspyre.
These reminders can help the user
adhere to their medication schedule,
when an appointment is underway, to
drink enough fluids or eat at certain
times, and more.
The reminders will show on the user’s
watch and phone, and the reminder
can also be sent to any contacts
Reporting Symptoms
The ability to report symptoms from the watch
and phone app.
Symptom reports are available for later review
Real-time dashboards and Reporting
User Dashboard
Inspyre records multiple data points
pertaining to the episode, including the
time, date, location, duration, and
severity of all alerted events, as well as
heart rate and symptoms experienced.
Data is available for secure access and
review by users.
Share insights with your care
team to make better
treatment decisions.
Identifies & alerts upon repetitve
shaking motion
Cancel Button
Instant Text Alert to 1 Contact
Identifies & alerts upon
repetitve shaking motion
Cancel Button
Instant Text Alert to 1 Contact
Help | Emergency Button
Instant Text Alert to 5 Contact
2 Phone Calls
Snooze Button
Identifies & alerts upon
Repititive shaking motion
Cancel Button
Instant Tex Alert to 1 Contact
Help | Emergency Button
Instant Text Alert to unlimited Contacts
2 Phone Calls
Snooze Button
Audio Recording
Heart Rate Data Collected
Symptom Reports
GPS Location
Medication Reminders
Subscription Levels
How to purchase and maintain your UK
Click on Inspyre, under the dropdown click Inspyre Products, choose from Android or iPhone subscription or there is an
option to purchase a Galaxy Watch providing you with android subscription and free activation.
Now choose your subscription levels Bronze, Silver or Gold
You will be purchasing a monthly subscription with activation.
Add to the cart and continue to checkout.
If you or the person you are purchasing for has epilepsy, or another long-term medical condition, then you do not need
to pay VAT for our products. Ensure you complete the VAT exemption declaration to SAVE 20% at checkout.
Once checkout is completed you will receive confirmation of payment. During our office hours we will activate your UK
subscription and send you through activation details via email, along with a user guide and information on how to
continue your subscription after the first month’s use. We will ask you to set-up a monthly direct debit. The subscription
will continue until you decide to cancel. You can email us or just cancel your direct debit at any point.
Now download the Inspyre app, connect to your watch and enter the activation details provided and your ready to go.
With UK email and telephone support our friendly team are here to help you during our office hours.
Tel: 01438 821251