Guardian Monitor

guardian monitor

The Guardian Monitor is our most advanced monitor and can be applied to the most demanding situations. Like the Companion it can monitor Bed Movement, Sound, Incontinence, Vomiting and Bed Vacation. In this case the movement detection has the capability of supporting those with Tonic/Clonic and Tonic only (supporting those at risk of SUDEP) seizures. It is used by many in a professional care environment, respite and educational facilities because of its highly adaptable operation. It is equally perfect for domestic use where there are complex seizure patterns.

  • Effective in supporting Tonic, Tonic/Clonic, SEDEP, Complex and Partial Seizures seizures.
  • All settings can be adjusted to suit the individual user.

  • Suitable for adult or child for domestic use or in professional care environments.

  • Set-up on all divan, bedstead and profiling beds and all mattress types.

  • Alerts go to a hand held pager with a range of 450m or an existing Nursecall system.


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Bed Vacation – many family members and Carers need to be alerted if the user has fallen out of bed or gets up out of bed, with the addition of a bed mat fitted under the sheet the Guardian will alert if the user vacates the bed or has not returned to bed after a set time programmable to immediate 5, 10 seconds 5,10,15,20minutes,1-24 hour.

Internal Microphone blocks out background noise and picks up sounds associated with a seizure

Moisture Sensing Sheets – Connect to the Companion and they will detect incontinence, perspiration, vomiting or salivation which can happen prior to or following a seizure.


Please speak to us if you require telephone support with setting up the Guardian or perhaps you would like the installation carried out by an experienced installer.

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  • Guardian Unit with Pager

To alert family member or Carer in the home up to 450 metres £700.00


  • Guardian Monitor (*moisture/*bed vacation enabled including leads) with Pager £750.00

*sheets and bed vacation mat sold separately


  • Guardian Monitor with bed vacation mat including lead with Pager £777.00


  • Sensing Sheets* – incontinence £ 65.00
  • Sensing Sheets* – vomit, perspiration and salivation £ 55.00
  • Bed Vacation Mat £ 63.00

*We recommend that two sensing sheets are purchased. Recommended wash at temperature of 60 degree and do not tumble dry for maximum life (50 washes) but hang dry. Acceptable wash at 85 degrees with medium heat tumble dry (30 washes).Do not use fabric softener (which makes unit waterproof)

Please contact us to discuss adding the Guardian monitor into your existing Nurse Call system.

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