Companion Mini

companion mini

Bed based epilepsy monitor for Tonic/Clonic seizures.

  • Long Lasting Battery – The Companion Mini is the first battery powered monitor boasting a life of at least 1 year. This means that there are no protruding wires and further increases the ease of portability.
  • Discrete Size – The size of the Companion Mini is significantly smaller than any other monitor or alarm. Despite its delicate size the monitor continues to provide solid support and peace of mind for individuals. Able to fit in the palm of your hand the monitor is ideal for travelling.
  • Casing – The Companion mini has been designed with a Biomaster coated plastic case which robust and tamper proof.
  • Pager – The Companion Mini comes complete with a pager which lasts approximately 3 days but can still be in use when charging.
  • A USB cable to link your monitor to a specialised computer programme supplied free of charge is supplied for initial programming.
  • Fail safe radio with a 450 metre range
  • Ultra-sensitive 1mG movement sensor
  • 3 year warranty
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Did you know the Companion Mini is the first of its kind?

The fully digital system has been designed to provide a singular solution to support individuals with Epilepsy. With the subtraction of wires associated with other monitors the user is able to freely transport the device with them; whether for nights away or to take on holiday.

How Does It Work?

Easy to install, the Companion Mini provides peace of mind for monitoring the risks and activities for those who have epilepsy.

The monitor is placed under the mattress where it constantly monitors your movements. The Companion Mini is designed to be placed and secured in the centre of the bed between the base and the mattress.
When in place the Companion Mini monitors activity until movements associated with seizures are recognised. Verified and ongoing seizures then result in the transmission of alerts to a hand help pager.

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The Companion Mini is priced at £231.00.
£277.20 including VAT.

Please speak to us if you require telephone support with setting up the Companion Mini.


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