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There are many different epilepsy monitoring solutions available on the market which can make it difficult to choose the right product for the different types of seizures that present themselves and some solutions are just not suitable for the different environments we all live in.

Epilepsy Solutions aim is to ensure that the correct equipment has been supplied to capture a seizure and as many eventualities as possible, make it discreet and easy for the user to wear / maintain. We will also provide all the support and training required so that family and Carers understand how the equipment works, make simple adjustments and maintain the equipment.

Home assessments, installation and training can be provided on request, please contact us for further details.

By filing in our on-line assessment form let us help you make the right choice with Epilepsy support equipment or if you prefer please give us a call or email us with your enquiry.


Epilepsy-SocietyFor more information on this fantastic organisation.

Check out their website here:

We are official suppliers for the following products.

  • SmartWatch PT

    SmartWatch PT

    A non-obtrusive wrist watch worn for constant monitoring of repetitive shaking movements such as those associated with epilepsy spasms instantly alerting family and caregivers in emergency events.
  • Pebbell Tracker

    Pebbell Tracker

    An easy to use GPS tracking pendant that can be worn around the neck, on keys or attached to belt loops for easy monitoring and raising an alarm in the push of a button.
  • Companion Mini

    Companion Mini

    This digital movement sensor is one of the most discrete systems yet and can be applied in some of the most challenging situations when supporting tonic-clonic seizures.
  • Companion Monitor

    Companion Monitor

    One of the most popular bed based epilepsy monitor for Tonic/Clonic seizures.
  • Guardian Monitor

    Guardian Monitor

    A highly adaptable epilepsy monitor - unlike other bed based monitors that will only support Tonic/Clonic seizures, this unit also supports Tonic, SUDEP, Complex and Partial seizures.


What do our customers think?

See for yourself, below are a selection of comments from users of the SmartWatch. For more information get in touch.

“Every time our son has had a seizure, SmartWatch has caught it and alerted us. Just a couple of months ago, he had a seizure at home while we were in another room. SmartWatch instantly alerted my husband and me, and we were able to quickly reach him.”

Tammy M

“The watch has given me and my son’s lives back. I can sleep knowing my son is being monitored. I can be comfortable letting him out of my sight knowing I will be alerted if a seizure occurs.”

Kristen B

“I love this watch so far. My 5 year old has been wearing the SmartWatch™ while she is at home and every night. The SmartWatch alerted us to 2 seizures while she was sleeping. She began wearing the watch at daycare during nap time only now she wears it all the time.”

Stacy B

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