What is the SmartWatch™?

Made by Smart Monitor, the SmartWatch is a patented, intelligent motion detecting and alerting wristwatch. SmartWatch is a fully portable device that continuously monitors movements, analyzes them for abnormalities, issues alerts and securely records unusual occurrences.

Can SmartWatch detect seizures?

Smart Monitor makes no claims regarding its ability or efficacy for detecting seizures. SmartWatch does not prevent, predict or treat seizures or any other kind of medical condition.

SmartWatch monitors and detects distinct, repetitive and excessive movements. If those movements meet certain criteria, then they are recorded and an alert is issued. For the SmartWatch to work there must be movement outside the normal spectrum of activity.

Has SmartWatch undergone clinical studies?

SmartWatch does NOT claim to diagnose, cure, treat or prevent disease.  Clinical studies are underway to gather data in order to pursue FDA 510(k) clearance.

SmartWatch is a battery-powered, portable device that has been tested in clinical and home settings for detecting excessive and repetitive movement that may be caused by epileptic grand mal (tonic-clonic) seizures.

  • Studies at Stanford with 40 participants were concluded in June 2010. The SmartWatch device performed with very high sensitivity – in the high 90s as noted in the journal article: Lockman J, Fisher RS, Olson DM. Detection of seizure-like movements using a wrist accelerometer. Epilepsy and Behavior 2011; 20:638-41.
  • Studies are currently underway at the University of California, San Francisco with pediatric patients. The device has been used on children as young as 3 years old. Interim results,

Based on 500 hrs of testing- device sensitivity is in the high 90’s, device specificity is in the 90th percentile.

What are the benefits of the SmartWatch?

SmartWatch users have told us that the device provides independence from constant supervision. They have expressed increased confidence because they can get help by simply pushing a button. Their family members and caregivers then gain respite knowing they will receive a text message and phone call should their help be needed.  Family members appreciate the peace-of-mind especially at night knowing they can be on hand to provide assistance when needed.  Furthermore, users and caregivers alike value that the activity reports can be downloaded at any time for thorough analysis.

How does SmartWatch work?

With patented miniaturised technology and sophisticated algorithms, the SmartWatch analyses activity outside a normal spectrum and reliably issues alerts upon the onset of various types of repetitive and excessive movements. Users can also summon help with a simple push of a button on the watch. SmartWatch records movement patterns plus the time, duration and location (Gold model) of any unusual occurrences. Users can securely access their private information and send archived copies to their care provider for later review.

SmartWatch is an intelligent wristwatch that works in conjunction with an android phone. SmartWatch users need to carry a compatible android phone with 15 ft range; for example in pockets, purses, backpacks etc. When the SmartWatch detects excessive and repetitive movement, it wirelessly signals the user’s android phone that then sends a text and calls a family members phone, within seconds.

The caregiver’s phone, which receives the alerts, can be anywhere. Recorded events are downloadable. Alerts can be sent or canceled by the user with the simple push of a button.

What do I need for my SmartWatch to work?

Everything you need for your SmartWatch is included.

  • Users do need to have or to get a compatible Android phone with a data plan.  To see a list of recommended Android phones please go to the About SmartWatch page on our website.
  • Users need to download the free SmartWatch application (that runs on the Android phones) from our website.
  • The SmartWatch and the Android phone need to be paired and connected through the free SmartWatch application.
  • A current user subscription.

Can I use the SmartWatch if I am on medication or just had surgery?

SmartWatch is a non-invasive, passive device.  It will have no impact on current or future medication regimens or any surgery. SmartWatch does NOT require you to make any changes to your lifestyle. SmartWatch is not a substitute for medical care. Again, it does not prevent, predict or treat seizures or any other kind of medical condition. 

Can I wear SmartWatch outside my home?

Yes, the SmartWatch can be worn in bed, in schools, offices and elsewhere as long as the phone and SmartWatch are within 15 feet of each other.

Is the SmartWatch waterproof?

No, the SmartWatch is water-resistant, which means, like most electronics, it cannot be submerged in water.

What if an alert is accidentally triggered?

SmartWatch is a motion-detecting and alerting device that continuously monitors movements for excessive and repetitive movement outside a normal spectrum.  Users have the ability to cancel any alert with a press of a button on the SmartWatch.

 Can I get help if I do not have any abnormal motion?

Yes, the SmartWatch has a Help button that when pressed immediately sends an alert to the designated family members or caregivers.  If Help is pressed by accident the user can cancel the alert by pressing the Cancel button on the watch.

Do I need internet or WIFI connectivity?

The phone communicates with the watch using a Bluetooth connection.  To use the SmartWatch you need an Android phone with a data plan within a 15 foot range. Your family or caregivers can receive alerts on any cell phone, anywhere.

What if the SmartWatch gets farther than 15 feet away from the phone?
When the SmartWatch and phone are separated by more than Bluetooth range distance (approx 15 feet), then they may be disconnected and the SmartWatch will not be able to send out alerts. It is important that the SmartWatch user keep the Android phone with them.  However, once SmartWatch and the android phone are back in range they will automatically reconnect.

 Do the SmartWatch and phone require special care or maintenance?

SmartWatch is designed to be easy to use.  Beyond charging the watch and phone every day, no special care is needed.

What is the difference between the SmartWatch “Gold” and the SmartWatch “Silver”?        

The SmartWatch Gold offers the following features in addition to those supported by the SmartWatch Silver:

  • GPS Location: Physical location information of the SmartWatch user is included within alerts.
  • Snooze: The user can temporarily “pause” the watch if they know they are going to be participating in activities that may trigger an alert inadvertently.
  • Multiple Contacts: Text message and phone call alerts can now be sent to multiple recipients.
  • Medication Reminders: Medication Reminders are sent directly to the SmartWatch. An event is posted to the event list stating if the reminder was acknowledged or unacknowledged. Dosage instructions are also detailed.

If I have the SmartWatch Silver, can I upgrade to the Gold? How do I do that?

Yes, SmartWatch Silver users can upgrade to the Gold. Please contact us at info@epilepsysolutions.co.uk

Is SmartWatch covered by insurance?

Coverage varies from Carrier to Carrier.

How much does SmartWatch cost?

For SmartWatch availability and pricing please check out the pricing page.

Do you currently offer monthly payment plans for the SmartWatch?

Yes, we do. Please contact us for details.

If SmartWatch doesn’t work for me – can I return it?

Yes, you can return your SmartWatch within 30-days from the ship date. Simply call us for RMA on 01438 821251. Your purchase price minus a programming fee will be refunded to you.

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