Pock-iT Solution


Pock-iT Solution


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Pock-iT Solution: iPod Device + Wrist Sensor + Bluetooth Gateway + Plesio Pager.

Key features:

  • The Pock-iT is a wearable device designed for those with epilepsy whose seizure presents itself through a decreased or raised pulse rate.
  • The Pock-iT monitors and processes a constant flow of data from the wearer.
  • Passes an alarm call to pager should the pulse rate vary beyond the wearer’s regular pattern.
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Product Description

The Pock-iT is designed to support the following seizure types:

  • Ictal tachycardia
  • Ictal bradycardia
  • Tonic
  • Complex Partial
  • Generalised Tonic/Clonic
  • Atonic (Drop Seizures)
  • The onset of potential SUDEP

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Strap Colour

Black, Blue, Pink, Green

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