Pebbell GPS Tracker

Call friends, family or our 24/7 Careline Monitoring Service in the event of an emergency.

Pebbell GPS Alarm supports 3 SOS contacts being stored in its memory.  When the SOS button is pressed or the Pebbell detects a fall a text message containing location data along with a Google Map link is sent to all 3 contacts.

Or why not link to our 24/7 Careline Monitoring Service for extra peace of mind and reassurance

Pebbell Features

  • SOS Alert Button

    Pressing the SOS button on the front of the Pebbell triggers a text message followed by a call being placed to the 3 configurable SOS contacts. The text sent contains a help message and location link.

  • GPS Location Texts

    Any of the set SOS contacts can text the Pebbell with ‘loc’ and receive a text message containing a google maps link that can be opened on any smartphone.

  • 2 Way Audio Speaker Calls

    The Pebbell has a built in loudspeaker and sensitive microphone to allow calling from a buddy number and loud, clear SOS calls via the pendant on speakerphone.

  • Non Movement Alarms

    If the Pebbell doesn’t move for a set amount of time an alert can be triggered.

  • Control From Any Smartphone

    The device works via text message commands and Google Maps locations, these will work from most basic smartphones on Android, iOS or Windows Mobile.

  • Easy Setup

    It’s easy to get setup with the Pebbell simply follow the supplied guide and be setup in just a few text commands.


24/7 Careline Call Monitoring

Our Careline Monitoring Service can be paired with the Pebbell and offers you help, security and peace of mind in your home, or when you go out and about.

Have peace of mind in the knowledge that your Pebbell can activate emergency calls to the fully trained and dedicated staff who are on hand 24 hours a day.

The Monitoring service can respond to voice and text alert messages, along with establishing the GPS location should they need to summon assistance to a users location.

This service is recommended for those who are living without family / carers at hand and for those family and carers who want to feel safe in the knowledge that activations from the Pebbell will  not be delayed or unavailable, if they are out of network coverage, away on holiday or engaged on a call.

Our Careline monitoring service is offered in association with Hertfordshire Careline who have been providing independent living services across Hertfordshire for over 30 years, and are one of the largest independent providers of assistive technology in the UK.  The service extends to Nationwide for the monitoring of the SmartWatch.


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