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We are always keen to work with clinicians to help the process of assistive technology reaching its users. Across the pond in the US the SmartWatch has completed the following studies:

Clinical Studies: Stanford & UCSF

The SmartWatch has been thoroughly evaluated in clinical studies conducted at several leading medical institutions, including Stanford and University of California, San Francisco (UCSF). These studies have validated the ability of the SmartWatch to detect and alert upon repetitive shaking motion similar to those caused by convulsive seizures in both adults and children.

In addition to clinical studies, Smart Monitor has conducted hundreds of in-home tests with both adult and child users to validate the usability of the SmartWatch during day-to-day activities at home, in school, at the office and elsewhere. The SmartWatch has been extremely well received by people with epilepsy and their families and the medical community.

If you are a medical professional and would like to review detailed reports of the Stanford and UCSF studies, please contact us.

Case Study

Click here to download a case study on the SmartWatch that we have put together in conjunction with Suffolk County Council.


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